February 3, 2012

GSK Straight Talk Flip Flop or GSK Decision Tweaking Time?

This is NOT the same video they had up yesterday. They made it private/hid it today and then came up with the new-and-improved version of GSK Straight Talk.

See what happens when you don’t pay attention?

I wonder if Huffington Post is paying attention.

I'm beginning to believe that Satan lives at Planned Parenthood.


  1. Straight talk is the opposite of what Komen has done this week. What a great lesson in how to destroy an organization in just a few days.

    Hopefully people will see the more powerful lesson: You knew PP was a snake when you picked them up, so don't be surprised when they bite you.

    Re. Satan -- my daughter made almost the exact same comment after seeing PP's website: "I'm pretty sure that's where Satan lives."

  2. Are we aware of any other organizations that are connected to PP? I am also under the impression that Girls Scouts of America is connected to them. I have been reading up.


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