October 13, 2011

Wall Street Butt-Heads

For all their contrived displays of independence and non-conformism, the Occupy Wall St. protesters can’t even properly be called original. For one thing, Communism, their preferred ideology, was thoroughly discredited more than two decades ago, while most of the occupiers were still in diapers. For another, virtually their entire list of grievances against crony capitalism and bank bailouts has been plagiarized straight from the tea party’s platform, which is now nearly three years old.

If they had such a principled opposition to bailouts and corporatism, where were these occupiers in 2008 and 2009? Where were they in 2010? Rather than waiting around for hope and change, perhaps Occupy Wall St. should have been on Main St. with the tea party protesting bailouts before their disastrous economic consequences became readily apparent.

These shallow, disenchanted hipsters have confused informed political activism with tweeting trite condemnations of “capitalism” from their iPhones. While I hardly expect intellectual consistency from such a group, much less an understanding of history, economics or human nature, it seems worth taking a moment to list just a few of the times FreedomWorks stood up against exactly the kind of cronyism the occupiers are now protesting.

The rest of the story:
Occupy Wall St. and the Tea Party: A Tale of Two Protests

Where were the Wall Street Butt-Heads (yeah I said it!) when the Tea Party Patriots were ticked off about the bailouts!? Oh wait - they were busy calling us Domestic Terrorists, Mobsters and Racists...go figure!?

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