October 19, 2011

Newt Now? What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts on Newt Gingrich?


  1. I thought Newt was outstanding! He was the only candidate that didn't lower himself to bickering and arguing with each others. As Speaker he was very effective and I hope he gains in the polls. The more debates the better bc he is excellent and could make toast out of Obama!

  2. Newt would be better than Romney, that's sure. I was pushing for Herman Cain, but lately, because of "9-9-9", I am rethinking that.

    Newt has one big problem for me - he's a career politician. We've had way too many of those in Washington already.

  3. Newt abandoned his sick wife on her deathbed, leaving her for another woman. When Clinton was having his little fling with Monica, Newt was having one with his little intern as well. Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior.
    Why would we expect Newt's behavior as President to be any better than he has demonstrated quite clearly in his private life?
    Oh yeah, I forgot ... he, like a lot of convicts, has "seen the light" and now has JESUS in his heart. Yeah ... right!

  4. I do like that Newt is trying to remind everyone who is trying to run against Obama to keep their eye on defeating him instead of bickering with one another. I’m not sure about Herman Cain’s 999 plans. I do still like Herman Cain. The bickering between Perry and Romney is ridiculous. Romney is too liberal for me.


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