October 26, 2011

Gardasil is back in the News

Vaccines that work to prevent cancer and STDS are a good thing. It has nothing to do with encouraging sex out of wedlock.

How irresponsible of Michele Bachmann to tell the whole world that Gardasil causes mental retardation. She made some horrible excuse about misunderstandings and I knew at that moment she needed to get out of the race. What an idiot!

Furthermore, I have no respect for anyone who tries to connect important medical advances to sexual promiscuity. Any time the medical community can prevent cancer and/or STDS I consider that a good thing.

Of course the controversy has come back up because they are saying that Gardasil can benefit boys too. That’s AWESOME!!

The other thing that ticks me off is people who go to church who scoff and pretend that cancer, genital warts, STDS, etc...are some sort of punishment from God. Oh you don’t want to get me started.

Vaccinating your children has nothing to do with immoral sexual promiscuity. It’s interesting that a vaccine to possibly prevent cancer is okay but you throw in a sexually transmitted disease as rampant as the Human Papillomavirus and people start freaking out. Go figure!?

CDC committee recommends boys receive HPV vaccine
CDC Backs HPV Vaccine for Boys
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  1. Huh. And here I thought that the whole Gardasil conundrum was because it DOESN'T WORK to prevent HPV as it is currently administered. Look deeper into the issue. Much of the controversy is/was because "$omehow" Merck got several state governments (including my own) to darn near mandate HPV vaccination for prepubescent youngsters without an understanding of the long-term benefits/effects/consequences of Gardisil. It was profiteering on the lives of our vulnerable children all the way. No long-term studies of efficacy or side effects. NONE. There are several case studies ongoing of girls having extremely serious side effects of the vaccine. None of that information was available when it was foisted upon us. Also, the HPV strains vaccinated for are not necessarily all that will cause cancer in a person later - much later - on in their life. There is no assurance that the actual vaccine won't contribute to the development of cancer from the strains not covered by the vaccine. Etc., etc, etc.

    As for people stating that God punishes us with STD's, I would say consequence is a better understanding. There is a scripture that says "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life." God is talking about a consequence for sin, and then explains grace as a gift.

    People who go their own way into sin have consequences, and one of those is disease and sometimes death from that disease. I like to get into discussions with other Christians about consequences of sin and judgements of God to see where people come down on that issue. It reveals a lot about their understanding of Faith and Grace.

    Here is a gardasil link to lawsuits and other articles:

  2. You need to learn more about HPV. I suggest you do that by reading about it from *credible* resources. Your link to lawsuits and other articles is a godsend for all those lawyers who hope to make money from misinformed people.

    Learn About HPV

    Sometimes I think Christians need to learn more about humility. Jesus was humble. He didn’t walk around bopping people upside the head with His word. He was, is and will always be the epitome of perfect Love.

  3. Let me think about this....mortality rate in women with cervical cancer is 33% (American Cancer Society). The mortality rate in HUMANS from being vaccinated with Gardisil is 0.23% (CDC). It may just be me, but the logical conclusion is that Gardisil is NOT as risky as contracting cervical cancer. As for promoting sexual promiscuity, what planet are these folks living on? Kids have sex, regardless of birth control or STD prevention measures, and have been since the beginning of time. Vaccine or no vaccine, kids are still going to have sex. This isn't about religion, it's about logic and medical science, pure and simple.

    C. Allen, Ontario, Canada.

  4. I am pretty sure God created the doctors and scientists who developed vaccinations - new, old, mandated or not - those seen as beneficial, those seen as unnecessary.

    It's also my belief that God gives us children intending for us to care for those children to the best of our abilities. To protect them from all that is harmful if we can and teaching them as best we can to ensure they make wise, informed and responsible decisions.

    When my kids received vaccinations, some relatively new - I simply trusted in my God to protect my children and know I was doing what I felt was in their best interest. It was my prayer that if the vaccination was not beneficial, that it would do no harm.

    I'd much rather get my child the Gardasil vaccination and know that I've likely made a choice that would prevent a very common cancer than to have to look in the face of my child as they undergo cancer treatment and explain why I chose not to protect them when I had the choice.


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