September 2, 2011

How many free passes does this president get?

How much uncertainty is Obama providing the market every time he opens his mouth? How much golf does Obama need to play before he can come up with a job plan 3 years into his presidency? Why prance around the country talking about it if Obama's not going to do something about it?

The only thing Obama has managed to do is turn 1 TRILLION into 4 TRILLION and you want to know why there is so much uncertainty going on? Nobody has confidence in our country or our government. We have been DOWN-graded and people are still making excuses for him.

Why would he WASTE tax payer money prancing around the country to talk about JOBS and the ECONOMY in a Canadian-made tour bus? It’s do as I say but not as I do mantra. Obama can’t pass go because he does not possess the leadership or the ability.

Everyone was so anxious to have their first black president. So many are having voter’s remorse right now and I can’t say that I blame them. I expected more from Obama. I expected him to take this job that was entrusted to him a little more seriously.

“Yes We Can” --- Really? Budget and Spending, Healthcare Reform, Fundamental Tax Reform, Energy and Environment, Workplace Freedom, School Choice, Red Tape, Hidden Taxes and Regulation, Medicare, Social Security and Entitlement Reform…these are all issues that need to be addressed. You can’t just pick and choose which ones our Govt gets to go skating on…and yes Obama is the president.

The buck stops with Obama just as it does with every other sitting president and I don’t give a rats butt what color he is!!!

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