September 13, 2011

Crazies, Haters & Fanatics

No one I met expressed hatred for the president. A few had voted for him, and others, like Christy Smith, said they were deeply moved when he was elected. Many others opposed him all along. But now, the predominant mood is deep distrust. They believe Obama will raise their taxes, that he will blow up the health care system, that he will weaken America's defenses....You've probably heard descriptions of the marchers as crazies and haters and fanatics. Perhaps there were some in the crowd. Far more important, though, was the very presence of so many everyday Americans protesting in Washington.

What did Barack Obama and his party's leadership on Capitol Hill do to bring doctors and truck drivers together in common cause on the streets of the nation's capital? More than anything, these people are afraid that the new president is running the country of a cliff.

~Byron York of the Washington Examiner on the Washington D.C. Tea Party, September 12, 2009


  1. While he has done and continues to attempt to do interminable damage tothe Constitution and our Christian foundation, I am afraid of the failed policies of appeasement and apologetics he practices in the middle east. In my opinion he operates as a puppet for Iranian wants and whims. From ignoring ISraeli security and allied needs to turning a blind eye and slient voice to the Iranian supported slaughter going on in Syria, everything he does seems to me to be tacitly in support of an Iranian agenda.

  2. Everything Obama does is backwards. He has taken these last three years and he has squandered it. Now he's running around the country asking us to give him 4 more years. No way!


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