August 28, 2011

The Tea Part Express is Coming to Omaha Nebraska on Tues Aug 30th

Tuesday August 30 at 4:30 PM at Elmwood Park here in Omaha Nebraska the Tea Party Express will be here. Who wants to go with me or meet me there?

I’ve attended Tea Party events in the past and have really appreciated the Tea Party Express for their determination and resilience in making it to as many cities as possible to talk about the direction of our nation.

Are we Taxed Enough Already? I believe we are and it has to stop. Voicing my beliefs and expressing my stance on important issues of the day does not make me a terrorist no matter how many times people like Joe Biden want to refer to me as such.

Omaha NE Tea Party Schedule


Tuesday, August 30th @ 4:30PM

Rally Location:

Elmwood Park
6700 Elmwood Park Road
Omaha, NE 68106

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