July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony Juror

There were 4 points Jennifer Ford made that I agree with:

1.) Speculation is not Fact

2.) Important Questions were not answered

3.) Bad Behavior is not enough to prove a crime

4.) Not Guilty doesn't mean innocent


  1. Too many are upset with the wrong people. Why didn't the prosecutors do their job? An extremely sad situation all around.

  2. divapalooza - you've been listening to too many talking heads. Speculation? Looks like someone changed the word "circumstantial" to speculation. Circumstantial is apparent evidence by inference - it's construable - it's indicative. Important questions were not answered? Like how Caley died? Too bad that didn't work for Scott Peterson who is sitting on death row for killing his wife even tho no one knows how she died. Bad behavior is not enough to prove a crime? Really? Would that apply to men who beat their wives/girlfriends on a regular basis but those past beatings aren't relevant when the wife/girlfriend is found beaten to death? The mistake the prosecution made was picking the wrong people to serve on the jury. Looks like the jury fell prey to groupthink.

  3. Lynda...I agree w/you. The prosecution did not do their job. Had they done their job the dots would have been connected & Casey Anthony would not be getting out of jail so soon.

    Anonymous...I can't even take your comment seriously.

  4. Everyone has the right to trial by jury. I think the jury that MADE this decision needs to put their big person panties on and deal with it. I'm so tired of hearing how "sick" the verdict made the very people who voted on it. I have a feeling we will see her in court again.

  5. I think we will see her back in jail very soon. It’s going to be too much for her to handle. OJ wound up back in jail and she will too.


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