June 3, 2011

Barnes & Noble Called Me Today!

For those that have been following my Barnes & Noble saga they finally called me today. Those explicit adult only books are coming off the wall that makes up the children’s section. They are going to move them to another location in the store.

It’s going to take a few days to transition the books off that questionable wall by the bathroom that makes up the children’s section but they plan to get it done. They are going to plan it out with the field merchandiser and the project should be completed by next week.

The district manager could not have been more nice or professional about it. He agreed that you shouldn’t have to pass this questionable material as you access the children’s section.

I also found out that I am not the only one that has complained about this particular store layout. Apparently people have been complaining to the store manager since March. Some of these complaints were not formally hand written so they are working on opening up the lines of communication between the managers with regard to verbal complaints too. That’s good to know!

Tim C. plans on coming into town next week to check on the progress. I’m impressed. We also discussed the fact that there are always going to be complaints about the nature of the subject matter. No matter where you put these books people are going to complain. I let Tim C. know I didn’t have an issue with the subject matter. My issue was that it made up the children’s section and our kids should not have access to this material upon entering the children’s area. He emphatically agreed!

At the end of the day it’s up to the parents to parent their children so if they allow their children to wander around the book store that is not the fault of Barnes & Noble.

I am relieved that Barnes & Noble took the time to call me back. I am impressed that they agree with me and are making changes to that particular store’s layout. That tells me that Barnes & Noble thinks this issue is important and I appreciate it because we really do enjoy shopping at that book store as a family.

NOW…next week when I visit again I hope to see the changes have been implemented. As a matter of fact I will wait a couple of weeks before I head back to the store with my family. I hope to be able to capture the wall with my camera and report back to my trusty readers what a great job Barnes and Noble is doing.

While I think it’s important to report injustices I also think it’s equally important to report all the kudos and positive efforts people make to do what’s right.

Until then…stay tuned.


  1. Proving once again that every voice can make a difference. You go, Angela!

  2. You are AWESOME Angela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks you guys!! I really appreciate your encouraging words.


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