May 22, 2011

What Is Wrong With Barnes & Noble?

What’s going on in your local Barnes & Noble Book Store?

Do you have this inappropriate mess right next to the Children’s section of your local Barnes & Noble Book Store?

Do you have to walk by “Tickle His Pickle” or “365 Naughty Nights” when you take your child to Story Time at Barnes & Noble?

I want to encourage EVERYONE with a camera phone or Kodak Camera to carry it with you the next time you’re at Barnes and Noble and take pictures if you see the Children’s section surrounded by smut!

If this explicit inappropriate adult material is close to the bathroom at Barnes and Noble then make sure you take a picture of that too. In my case the bathroom was right next to the Children’s section so it’s completely unavoidable either way.

This is a developing story…so stay tuned.

UPDATE 5/24/2011
Barnes & Noble Follow-Up

UPDATE 6/3/2011
Barnes & Noble Called Me Today!


  1. I am so glad that you took a pic of this. This needs to change. I am going to post this on my Facebook page and blog on it as well. I am hoping that this isn't how B & A is across the country. If there are enough people complaining, they will move it.

  2. I'm not easily offended...but I find this really offensive. While sex is a part of married life, I don't think our preschoolers need that to be one of the first words they spell. What is B&N thinking?!?!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don't shop at Barnes & Noble often enough to know whether it's an issue at the one in my area but, wow! That's just not acceptable. Whoever designed the floor layout in that store was not thinking.

    Next time I shop there, I'm going to check this out and see if it's the same here. If it is, I'll certainly be bringing to the manager's attention.

  4. That's just gross! I would email the main offices and make the recommendation to them that they reassess their floor plan. It's probably nothing more than a young planner without kids that can't step outside their own "reality" to anticipate the reality of their customers.

    I'm a firm believer in a business is ONLY as good as their customers report them to be and reporting this will allow them to improve on their planning habits.

    Now, if you report it and they don't make a change - I'd say lynch them with a campaign retailers have nightmares about.

    Will be interesting to see how this plays out. I've been one to report BOTH sides of the coin - I love reporting the good stuff - but I also feel it's my obligation as a consumer to report the bad stuff too. That's how they can engage continuous improvement and we all know there's always room for improvement so you'd be doing them a big favor!

  5. I shop at our little mom and pop bookstores here in Tulsa, so I've never seen this. We are becoming so numb as a society, to what are kids are exposed to. This is horrible. My kids were raised going to the bookstore to browse and read! This is unacceptable and I'm going to contact Barnes and Noble! Thanks for letting us know, Angela!

  6. doubt children are looking at the books as opposed to the giant Curious George or the clouded mural.
    There aren't any pornographic pictures clouding any view. Just words.

  7. Looks to me as if you need to get your eyes checked dear one.

  8. thats super retard ... by chacne i was at close by B&N this afternoon and specifically ntotice if they have the same setting but no kids section was way far from adults books. So, I am thinking by chance that B&N need to change their setting .. they might not have even thought about this very obious thing. So, glad some one atleast thinking and pointing out such things ... stay active and alert.

  9. It's a shame that people don't see this and think, "hmm, maybe we should change this up." I don't want to see that trash either. Its apart of life, but adult life, it's time to get children into CHILDREN stuff and not have them growing up so quickly. . . . as we can tell in the real world, soo many of them are learning about sex through their friends, etc, yet, they are the ones that have kids early and don't realize about safe practices... :( Just a big error in judgement on Barnes & Noble's side, IMO! :(

  10. i have to pick up some books today from there, and i'm gonna peek to see if its the same layout here in houston! its really awful if marketing(or whoever)did that intentionally!!! (and i WILL say something!).....the desensitizing of our nation grows when nobody says/does anything... :(((

  11. I posted a Follow-Up today.

    Ahsan, thanks for checking out your local Barnes & Noble book store.

    Elizabeth, thank you for all of your re-tweets on twitter! Much appreciative.

    Tracy, How was your trip to Barnes & Noble?

    Thanks to all of you for caring about this issue.

  12. Barnes & Nobles, no surprise to me. I go online and buy almost all of my books, but never from Barnes & Nobles. I have no interest in browsing through their online site either. I do hope someone within the company with common sense will demand change. Until then, I'll get my books in the mail from another source or visit my local library. Good luck on this issue.

  13. Thanks for chiming in Veronica. That means a lot to me. I posted yet another update today. If you click on the top of the page it will take you to the "Home" portion of the blog. I will keep you guys posted on what what happens next. In the kids will not be participating in any of the Barnes & Noble summer reading programs here in Omaha, Nebraska.

  14. BTW, Barnes & Noble called me today!!!


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