May 2, 2011

May Day 2011: Osama Bin Laden is Dead. Where were you?

Where were you when you heard that Osama Bin Laden was dead? I was sitting in my TV room next to my husband. We were watching Iron Man 2. My brother texted the news and we immediately flipped on the news channels.

The news media has been frustrating for a long time now. We kept flipping through the channels because most of them didn’t even have all the facts and they were trying to report on something they knew nothing about.

Whatever happened to keeping your YAP shut until you have confirmation of the facts? Trying to make guesses as to what happened so you can remain cutting edge makes you look really dumb.

We finally settled on watching ABC.

All I could think of was WOW. This calls for some extra celebrating! We had just spent the day with family to honor my nephew's first holy communion. It made me think of the day Saddam Hussein was captured. That was the same day my middle child was born.

You have to know this is not over. They will attempt to retaliate. This is how terrorists operate. We need to stay alert.

Obama did a GOOD job with his statement. He needed to get that sucker right and he did. My husband saw his girls peaking around the corner as he was walking to the podium at the White House. I thought that was cute.

It’s good to know that everyone connected to 9/11 has been vindicated and justice has been served.

I wish I could be at the White House or NYC Times Square celebrating!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! Kudos to our military!!! Props to Obama!!! Hat Tip to George W. Bush!!! We will never ever forget 9/11!!!

I must tell you that the conspiracy theories floating around out there on the internet and in social networking media is ridiculous. I cannot believe how easily distracted people are. I am really beginning to loath the hard fringe LEFT and the hard fringe RIGHT. People who are easily fooled by these distractions I have no time for.

You need to start thinking for yourself and CUT the CRAP.

Our Armed Forces are our heroes!!! They have sacrificed and put everything on the line to get the job done!!! George W. Bush AND Barack Obama get the credit AND a JOB WELL DONE. Yes!!! Whether you love them or hate them they BOTH get the credit. It’s pretty obvious to me that they are communicating with one another in spite of their difference so what does THAT tell you?

Really everyone...we don’t have time for this partisan nonsense. Every time you see someone saying something over the top change the channel. You need to look at the news objectively and ask yourselves, “are they reporting the facts or are they full of it?” Try not to shoot from the hip until you have a chance to really think about what’s going on without getting your cues from commentators OR reporters who haven’t bothered to obtain all of the facts. If they can’t admit they don’t have all the answers then change the channel. If they are ranting and raving about the right or the left then change the channel. Think for yourselves people!!!

Where were you when you heard that Osama Bin Laden was dead? Leave a comment and let me know where you were and what your thoughts are on all of this.

Never Forget. Where were You on 9.11.2001 and what were you doing? What were you thinking? How has 9.11.2001 impacted your life?


  1. Thank you sister for this no-nonsense, truly patriotic post. Thank you for transcending ugly partisanship and giving all parties due credit.

    I was out jogging when 9/11 happened. I remember it vividly. A gorgeous day in Boston turned absolutely, violently dark.

    Last night I was in bed working on my laptop, saw a blurb on a news blog about BLaden's death and thought...whaa? Then I looked up the major networks and voila! It was true! Called my husband, watched the President's announcement. When my husband came home we opened champagne.

    Silvia in CA

  2. Very nicely written! I have been amazed at the computerized video that shows what the SEALS did, how they carried out the mission and IN 45 MINUTES. 8 months of planning and the world was clueless.
    I LOVE that BL was completely surprised.

    I love that the last moments of his life were thrust into complete chaos. I'm glad he was killed - I don't know if I could have stomached his being kept in our prisons with our tax dollars providing him with even the most basic of human needs.

  3. I was just about to shut down the computer and go to bed. I decided to make one last Facebook scan before I did that; a mistake I often make that leads to late nights. The first post at the top of my news feed was from YOU, my favorite domestic divapalooza and it read: "Usama Bin Laden is Dead!!"

    I started clicking frantically trying to find confirmation, a story, anything. Fox News had nothing but a red strip announcing his death but no story. So back to Facebook I went. I read another friend's post declaring how excited Geraldo was (it was phrased in a more graphic way but that is not appropriate to write here) so I had to go to the TV. Sure enough, there Geraldo was, excitement and all, declaring that Osama Bin Laden was dead. My husband was already asleep and I had no one to celebrate with, just Geraldo. I watched the President's speech and for the first time in his administration I was proud of my President.
    May 1, 2011 was a beautiful day here in upstate New York. As I drove to and from the grocery store I looked up at the sky and said "It's a September 11th blue sky." The color of the sky on 9/11/2001 is seared into my memory.

    Having been only a scant hour north of NYC on that day I remember clearly looking out a classroom window at the American flag waving against that bright blue sky. I distinctly remember thinking how could so much devastation and horror be happening so close when it is so beautiful here?

    Although it was dark when I found out the news I will never forget the blue sky earlier in the day. Not only will future bright blue skies be called a "September 11th blue sky" but it will also be a "Victory blue sky."

    I refused to return to Facebook after watching the news because I knew immediately that the conspiracies were already being concocted and that my already late night would become disturbingly late. When I got onto Facebook today I was right. The nut-jobs were out in full force. And every single one of these nut jobs wee on the right. Well I knew what I had to do. I grabbed a celebratory cup of coffee and I went through my newsfeed and began deleting anyone and everyone that had posted conspiracies and pure hatred for the President. I too have become quite disgusted with the far-right knuckleheads that post Alex Jones or inforwars and call it fact. To me, the conspiracies of today are just as disgusting as the 9/11 truther conspiracies. I saw another post today that explained it well; "Truthers, Birthers and Deathers...oh my!" I thank God for the US military and yes, even the President. And no, I do not think this will lead to his re-election. We will vote him out in 2012! God bless America!

  4. I have come very close to deleting a few peeps on twitter that live & breathe under the code of baseless theories. I haven’t because I like certain individuals & am trying very hard to practice patience & grace. I keep thinking that one day they will realize their perpetuation of these ridiculous theories.

    On the other hand if I see someone on Twitter who I am following that I’m not all that close to then they get deleted. No harm, no fowl. I just can’t put up with it. It’s like MSNBS...I can’t watch that channel. There is so much baseless nonsense flying around they’ve been awarded the permanent Divapalooza Boycott.

    I really appreciate the compliments on my post. I’m so glad we can discuss these things. I am enthralled with each and every one of your stories, thoughts, and input on these matters.


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