May 24, 2011

Barnes & Noble Follow-Up

My Note to Barnes & Noble:

I wanted to let someone at Barnes & Noble know that your location at The Crossroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska has an inappropriate collection of sexually explicit adult books outlining the Children's section. Literally, you have to walk by "Tickle His Pickle" and "365 Naughty Nights" when you take your child to the Children's area of the store. These books outline the wall that makes up the Children's section. I'm hoping someone at Barnes & Noble has the authority fix this problem because it's inappropriate and unacceptable.

This note was sent on 5/23/2011

Barnes & Noble’s Response:

Thank you for taking the time to inform us of your experience at our Crossroads Mall, Omaha, NE store. At Barnes & Noble, we take pride in offering our customers efficient and friendly service and we apologize that we failed to meet your expectations on this occasion.

The situation you described will be best resolved if the Store Manager contacts you personally. Please provide us with your name, phone number and the best time of day to contact you. Also, kindly provide us of the date and time when you had observed this display.

When responding to this inquiry, please refer to case #XXX.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Customer Service Representative
Barnes & Noble Customer Service

This note arrived on 5/24/2011

My Note to Barnes & Noble:

Case #XXX

I have enclosed three photos that will fully explain the point I am trying to make. The reason I have contacted Barnes & Noble via e-mail is because the conversation with a Barnes & Noble supervisor as well as a Barnes & Noble Manager was not satisfactory to me. I would prefer it if a district manager or a regional manager called me as I do not wish to speak to any of the store managers from that particular location. They were extremely rude and unprofessional in their handling of the situation.

This note was sent on 5/24/2011

Now we wait!

What Is Wrong With Barnes & Noble?


  1. Good for you - for taking action!

    It is so easy to just grumble and walk on by - I know I am guilty.

    I will take special note next time I visit our store here.

  2. Barnes & Noble Kids Club is NOT happening in Omaha, Nebraska!!! NO WAY!!! NO HOW!!!

  3. Neena, take your camera with you & don't hesitate to take a picture!!!


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