April 7, 2011

Government Shutdown, Budget Deals and NOT-Wars

If the government doesn’t get this figured out by tomorrow my brother will be reporting to work unpaid starting on Monday. This is a clear example of government unable to do what’s right.

My brother is a correctional officer for the federal government down in Texas. He will be reporting to work on Monday in spite of all the nonsense going on in Washington D.C. because he has something our government doesn’t have: INTEGRITY.

It will be unpaid for those who believe differently.

I’m not happy with Obama right now. What’s he been doing for the last three years? This budget issue didn’t just miraculously pop up recently. This has been going on for awhile. One of the reasons he was elected is because he promised us he could get the budget balanced. What did he do? He’s out-spent our future generations who have not yet been born.

Obama couldn’t balance a budget to save his golf swing! He’s too busy RUNNING for office Or away from the problem instead of diving right in! He’s always RUNNING, never LEADING.

I don’t really care about the tit for tat score board record keeping going on between the Republicans and the Democrats. I don’t care what the left liberal loony tunes at MSNBC have to say or the Tea Party! This entire situation is ridiculous and if you are rooting for a Government Shutdown what are you, Narcissistic?

I’m starting to believe that our government is nothing but a bunch of Sociopaths.

The last thing I heard is that no compromise has been reached. As far as I know our military is about to go without pay.

What’s going on with the WARS? I thought Obama was going to bring the troops home from Iraq, wind things down in Afghanistan and that would be it. Now I hear we may have to put boots on the ground in Libya. Oh but wait – they are not referring to it as WAR. So it's now officially the NOT-WAR.

I’m telling ya they are nothing but a bunch of Sociopaths. I sure hope the American People who have a conscience that care about what’s going on in the world are paying attention so we can clean up the messes we voted for.

Here’s what my brother had to say about it on his Facebook wall:

I have decided to trust God and have faith in the fact he has me in the palm of his hand!


  1. Your brother has the right attitude and God bless him. The government is in business to help themeselves and not for the people. The government cannot save us. We should really stop expecting anything from them except more and more taxes.

  2. the lack of leadership and the complete abuse of Obama's informal power in the executive office has left me completely nauseous. i have lost complete faith in our government.

    maybe thomas jefferson had it right.....we should have a revolution every 20-30 years!!!

  3. My brother would also agree that the largest abortion provider in the country doesn’t need tax payer funded dollars.

  4. You guys are blaming the wrong President for these issues. It barely took Baby Bush along with the whispers of Daddy Bush less than two years to mess this economy up. Then you re-elected himto sit in his crap for a second term. Anyone who wanted to even come behind Bush to attempt to clean his mess up has my respect. If you know anything about govenment and economics, you would understand that it takes more than President Obama to get us out this mess.

  5. I have to laugh. Obama has OUTspent all past Presidents combined. Yet you sit here and continue to point the finger at the Bush family. The three stooges (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) are destroying this country. Obama does the exact opposite of what he should be doing. The fact of the matter remains, someone has to balance the budget and do what’s right. The democrats, liberals, progressives, whatever you want to call them are Not doing it! We have to make important cuts and STOP all this outrageous spending. We need to pay off our debt to CHINA. Hello!? What about this so-called Not-war in Libya? Whatever.

  6. Anonymous proves once again how useless contemporary education really is.
    GWB has many faults, but the massive increase of our debt did not occur under his watch. The failed stimulus was not his, which really was a handout to political cronies. The bailout of gm was not his, which Ford now outperforms despite not taking bailout money. Obamacare was not his, which will destroy health care in this country while it helps bankrupt the country further.
    I worked for INS for months. 2/3 of the agents I never ever met. That was in 1999. It's worse now. We pay for this incompetence daily. We can't pay for spare parts for our military because someone wants to spend the money on art exhibits of people pissing on a cross. We pay for murdering babies. We pay for donations going to politicians we oppose. We pay to destroy the institutions we hold important in our lives.
    Anonymous would have a better arguement if Obama would have hit the breaks instead if the accelerator into economic oblivion. GWB is no longer driving, so you can't use the blame game any longer, bub.


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