February 18, 2011

Our Nation's Largest Provider of Abortions has to GO!!!

The time has come to end the federal funding of abortion!!!

1.3 million abortions in America every year!!!

No American who is against abortion should be required to help pay for it!!!

No American can seriously argue that the federal government isn't paying for abortion right now when Planned Parenthood receives at least $360 million dollars from the tax payers each year while simultaneously performing more than 324 thousand abortions!!!

If Planned Parenthood wants to continue to provide "important" services to people in need then they should do away with their abortion mills and concentrate on those other areas of their practice!!!

Planned Parenthood needs to re-teach their staff how not to break the law!!!

Planned Parenthood needs to send their health care providers back to school so they can learn about other areas of their practice!!!

They know more about how to abort a human life than they do Sexually Transmitted Diseases!!!

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