January 27, 2011

Zero Doubled Equals Zero

The United States of America is an adult child in need of some tough love! Stop the Enabling. Stop the Spending. No More Bailouts!

The USA is about to lose a triple AAA credit rating. We have to be diligent about holding our government accountable. They work for us and right now they are destroying us!

“Americans are skeptical of both parties.” –Thank you Paul Ryan!

I will never forget Paul Ryan and how hard he fought to explain the money side of Obamacare before it got rammed in on top of the fact that nobody bothered to read what they were passing.

SOTU: It's EXACTLY what I thought it was going to be. Lip Service!

Obama kept saying that he wants to "win the future" as if he were playing a game of pac man or some ring toss at a carnival.

He says he wants to "simplify" the tax code. Why does that scare me?

He said he wants to "re-double" efforts. Last time I checked zero doubled was still zero.

He kept saying unemployment is low. Apparently he forgot Nevada is part of our union?

How are we going to "out-educate" if we are cutting education?

He says we're going to take responsibility for our deficit. How? By "investing" more oops - I meant spending. My bad!

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah...

Barack Obama is not taking his job seriously.

Nobody cares how many hi-fives you give out.

What a JOKE.

The United States is an Out-Of-Control Spoiled-Rotten Brat.

We The People have to put on some Tough Love and start making the Tough Decisions that need to be made for the betterment of our future generations who are about to inherit this monstrosity of a financial mess we are in!!!


  1. If the government had to use their own money I think it might be different, but instead they use ours and just spend and spend. It sure is easy to spend someone else's money. I am afraid taxes are about ready to go up to pay for all the investment. I just hope the republicans keep it in check like they have said they would.

  2. I absolutely can't stand the fact that Obama has started to run for office - AGAIN.


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