January 10, 2011

Sheriff Dupnik Stirring the Pot

Anyone that tries to tie Sarah Palin to what happened yesterday has A LOT of maturing to do.


I'm surprised nobody tried to tie the tragedy to George W. Bush.

So tired of people trying to make something bigger than what it needs to be.

The same people always trying to create conspiracy as they stop to consider only those peeps that they HATE.

It's the same people that say I am RACIST because I am challenging a president who happens to be half WHITE and half BLACK.

Reality and FACTS say that the gunman is responsible for the Arizona tragedy.

I supposed the next thing that will be said is that because I happen to like Sarah Palin that my attitude contributed to the Arizona massacre too.

Here's another GREAT article to help you put this into perspective!

Morning Bell: Libel is No Path to a Civil Society

Hat Tip: Breitbart.tv


  1. My guess would be as well that it would be different if the person shot was a republican though it should not matter.

    I agree that the shooting had nothing to do with anyone but the crazed shooter. He is the only one to blame.

  2. When you're a hammer every problem is a nail. When you're a liberal, every problem is a conservative. Conservative speech is behavior and liberal speech, like the "vitriol" against Bush, the books written about his assassination, is artistic liberty and a right.

  3. Now all the leftist-liberal-loony-tunes are in on it. Like Jane Fonda! These people are crazy nut-jobs!


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