January 21, 2011

Sarah Palin Censorship

People either love Sarah Palin or they hate her.
There are those who are indifferent towards Sarah Palin.
I have my own opinions about Sarah Palin.
Sometimes I agree with Sarah Palin and other times I don’t.
What happened in Arizona is a tragedy.
It was a shameless senseless act carried out by a deranged lunatic.
I stand by the speech Obama shared at the Arizona Memorial Service.
You guys already know this.
Yesterday I was reading a blog post.

It was going well until I got to the part where it said: “Whether or not you have any fault in the Arizona shooting.”

That’s when I stopped reading.
After I stopped reading I left a comment.
I felt my comment to be pretty simple and basic.
There were no fowl words.
There was no hate speech.
Nothing about my comment was derogatory.

But for some STRANGE reason my comment sits there with a nice polite note that says: “Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Other comments were approved but they were ideas that support the author’s position.

It would not shock me if my comment was being censored.
This is why I hate censorship and the stifling of free speech.
This is a perfect example of how our mainstream media operates.

There is only one news channel that makes every effort to share both sides and then they let the people make up their own minds.

Other media outlets only want to report what supports their viewpoints and ideologies.

They want to stifle an opposing opinion in order to advance their own agenda to the point of lying and painting a fact-less picture no matter what is at stake.

It’s censorship with a twist and I don’t like it.

And to say “Whether or not you have any fault in the Arizona shooting” is an attempt to link Sarah Palin to the crime and make her responsible for the heinous act!

Facts are stubborn things.

Sarah Palin is not responsible for what a deranged lunatic did with his gun.
Sarah Palin has a right to defend herself as does anyone in her shoes.

If someone had accused me of being responsible for a heinous act that I had ultimately no part of I would be holding press conferences left and right and hiring attorneys in order to help protect me and my family.

That’s ok if my comment never appears on your blog.
My eyes are opened.

If I don’t say anything derogatory and my point of view is being stifled because it doesn’t coincide or agree with yours that’s ok.

These are the blogs I stay away from.

I find it highly hypocritical that someone can say that they hate controversy and politics and then turn around and dive right in because they hate Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin didn’t cause the Arizona shootings.
But it sounds pretty convenient for those who hate her so much.

To say “whether or not you have any fault” is like saying – Sarah Palin just might be responsible for those shootings.

I don’t buy it.

UPDATE: As of January 31, 2011, 10 posts and 12 days later my comment on the blog in question was finally approved. It seems that there were 2 comments that were sitting in limbo. Ironically they were both opposing viewpoints. Strangely enough 1 comment from today posted right away. Why does this seem odd to me? Because I am a blogger. I know how blogs work on the administrative side of things..10 posts and 12 days later the comments sat in limbo. Hmm.

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