November 3, 2010

Let’s be clear about something

Last night was NOT a Republican Victory. If you don’t understand THAT then you’re missing the point and you haven’t been paying attention. I don’t feel extraordinarily victorious. I think it’s because I don’t view last night as a victory. I will be praying that all of Washington get their acts together.

Harry Reid gets to keep his seat by the hair of his chinny chin chin. Barbara Boxer and Barney Frank too. Some good things happened last night. We no longer have to put up with Nancy Pelosi or Alan Grayson and really those that are left are hanging on by a thread. Republicans are hanging on by a thread too. This isn't a victory for them at all. They are not off the hook and Barack Obama better get his head out of his you-know-what and stop messing around.

It's not about (R) and (D). The American people are pissed. They are pissed off at the direction of this country and they are tired of all the excuses. At some point in time people have to unite and put their foot down and remind these politicians that we're not going to put up with the nonsense spewing from either side. Believe it or not both sides suck and that's why we have to make sure these butt heads in Washington stop all the wheeling and dealing. People have really had enough of the entire BS. Look at where we are at as a country!

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  1. Thhis is from a friend of mine on another blog, kikojones. It pretty much sums up what is to be expected.

    "You know, I'm tired of this pseudo John Wayne/"up by your own bootstraps" fantasy BS from people that support a free handout by way of tax cuts to the very rich, but have no problem saying "f@#* you, no handouts!" to a poor, sick and/or disabled person in need.

    The Republicans, especially at the far right of the party, can be distilled ideologically down to three words when it comes to domestic policies dealing with healthcare, education, labor, the environment, etc: sink or swim. Don't think so? Then ask yourself if the following does not sound familiar:

    Can't afford health insurance?
    Get (yet) another job to pay for it.

    That operation you need costs more than what your insurer covers?
    Sell your house.

    Tuition too expensive?
    Welcome to McDonald's.

    Your employer exploiting you and your co-workers?
    Switch jobs.

    They're a racket.

    Corporations polluting your water, air?
    Hey, it's the cost of doing business.

    And so on and so forth...

    Are you proud yet?



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