November 19, 2010

Keep Smiling Bristol Palin

Lots of people are outraged. That's how the cookie crumbles when you open up the phone lines to vote or to answer a poll question. That's how most of these entertainment shows operate. The contestants know this going in and at the end of the day all the money goes to charity.

I suppose if people don't like how the show operates then perhaps they should stop participating. Personally, I think it's cool that Bristol knows she's not the greatest dancer in the world yet she continues to persevere. Most people who come on the show have no clue when it comes to dance. That's the entire intrigue of the show. THAT and to see how the votes are going to tally up.

You don't think the producers knew what they were getting themselves into by inviting Bristol Palin to the show? Of course they did. That's why she was invited to participate. Even so, she is doing the show to the best of her ability. Could care less about her famous mother OR that she was a pregnant teenager. Rush Limbaugh is simply responding to all the MSNBS's, C-BS's and Huffington Chokes Folks that want to politicize the Palin name on a true entertainment program.

If people are THAT outraged by this then they should quit their bitching and pick up the phone and vote against her. They would have if they truly cared about Brandy's outstanding dance technique. In the meantime, Bristol Palin's perseverance, knowing that she's not the best at what she is doing on that show should be commended. Where would any of us be if we gave up just because someone said that we sucked at something?

I can't believe all the Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin, Palin Family haters out there. Tonight I decided to take a look and see if Bristol Palin has a Facebook page. She does. So I hopped on over and "Liked" it.

Don't let the haters get you down Bristol. Keep up the good work!

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