November 14, 2010

Health and Human Services MY BUTT!

I can't wait for Barack Obama to be OUT of the White House! His entire administration needs to take a hike! ONE HUNDRED and ELEVEN waivers to all the BIG Honchos!? They give BAILOUTS to all the BIG Honchos!? DISGUSTING! They should have never passed the HC bill if they weren't prepared to understand what was in it!

Gee Whiz! How many small business are going to fold and jobs lost because they couldn’t keep up with the high price of this MANDATED HC plan? They’re not looking out for the little guy. They just want you to be convinced that they’re looking out for the little guy.

How many people will wind up in jail for non compliance because this HC bill was shoved down our throats against our will? What do you think a MANDATE is? What gives the government the right to DICTATE MANDATES against the will of the people?

All the wheeling and dealing going on is ridiculous! And on top of that they have the nerve to try and say that the Bush tax cuts are not good for the country. At least allowing the Bush tax cuts to stick will keep people employed. Since when is having a tax break such a bad thing OR do you think it’s okay for our government to keep raising our taxes just because they feel like it! They have already spent money out the kazoo that they didn’t have to begin with!? Are you gonna just kick back and let the government use and abuse your children and your grandchildren? They are the ones that will be stuck with this mess and where will their freedom be?

This administration is so whack if I had a business during times like this I would be operating it as conservatively as possible with the minimum amount of expenses as possible. Didn't Barack Obama take business 101 when he was in college? Donald Trump would do better as the President! Uh Hello!?

This really pisses me off and what pisses me off even more are people trying to deny the BS because defending their vote for Barack Obama is more important.

They need to tear this HC bill apart, keep the good, and get rid of the bad! This is just ridiculous and a HUGE wrong to MANDATE it.

YouTube must have removed that video. Sad, but true.

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