November 19, 2010

Bristol Palin Hater Drama

Do you realize today how miserable the American left is over Bristol Palin making the finals of Dancing With the Stars? They're miserable because -- well, stop and think about it, Snerdley. Half of the reason that you make the finals on this show is because the public votes. Now, Bristol Palin and her partner have gotten the lowest scores every week of any of the contestants, and yet they are in the finals. And the reason they're in the finals is 'cause America is voting for Bristol Palin, and the left is miserable. They are fit to be tied over this. You ought to see it in the entertainment stories of newspapers and websites. They're saying she's a horrible dancer, she can't dance. Brandy got thrown off the show last night, could not believe it. She has been getting tens for the last two to three weeks. But she didn't make it because the public is voting for Bristol Palin. It's not Sarah Palin. They're voting for Bristol Palin, and Sarah's in the audience. The reason they're upset is because they have done their best to make this Palin family persona non grata. They've tried to trash it, besmirch it, impugn it, and the American public is now en masse voting for Bristol Palin. She's in the finals. She's one of three couples that will be in the finals on Monday night. They're fit to be tied. You can read about this in entertainment sections of newspapers on websites today.


I knew it, my friends, I knew it. The hapless Contessa Brewer on MSNBC just now sobbing and whining and moaning about the fact that Bristol Palin was victorious on Dancing with the Stars last night. She's alleging a conspiracy. The hapless Contessa Brewer says that you Tea Party people are jamming the lines of other contestants such as Brandy's so that she can't receive votes, and in this way cheating is occurring. The Tea Party is cheating, sabotaging other contestants. Look, the truth of the matter is the Tea Party, if they're doing anything, are too busy voting for Bristol Palin to tie up anybody else's phone lines. Kathryn and I watched this last night, and I told her, I said, "You wait, it's gonna be all over the news tomorrow, it's gonna have them livid. This is gonna make them ticked off like they can't believe it." And it's happening. Yeah, I watched it, damn right I watched it. Damn right I watched. I even voted. Damn straight I watched it. I've formed an opinion about this show. As a television show, it is brilliantly produced. It's a live television show and it is really well produced.

There are life lessons in this show. Here's Bristol Palin, who is she? She's a single mom, for crying out loud. She did not ask McCain to pick her mother. She's the daughter of Sarah Palin and she had to deal with this publicity hungry jerk Levi, whatever his name is, she's been thrust into this, not something she asked for, she's not whining about it. She's offered this position on this show. She doesn't have the slightest idea how to dance, but she decides to do it. And this show's got 20, 25 million viewers, almost as many listeners as this show has and she's out there doing something she's got no clue how to do. She's subjecting herself to mass humiliation, potentially mass humiliation if she is voted off the first week, if she can't dance, and the judges have not been very complimentary to her. The first night the show's on her mom gets booed by the audience. Yeah, Sarah Palin's in the audience, got booed when her name is mentioned, everybody seems embarrassed about that on the production side of the program. The judges, these people can be brutal. Ask Michael Bolton, he was the first one kicked off. He almost started crying, demanded an apology from one of the judges.

My point here is that she didn't ask for any of this. She accepted the challenge. She's doing it. She's having her world turned upside down. She's willing to put herself out there, and she's in the finals, and the left can't stand it. The left can't stand this, and her mother's TV show on TLC's getting higher ratings than any cable news network show. They can't stand it. And throughout all of this character assassination, throughout every attempt to destroy this family, including having a reporter rent the house next to theirs in Wasilla to do a hit piece, they're laughing, they're smiling, and they're having a good time. They're enjoying life as Alaskans and as Americans. It just ticks them off to no end. And that's what makes it enjoyable.

Liberals Freak Out Over Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars

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