October 22, 2010

NPR Fired Juan Williams

I heard about NPR firing Juan Williams:

Williams, a Fox News contributor and 10-year NPR veteran, was fired from the popular public radio syndicate for making comments on "The O'Reilly Factor" about what he describes as his "visceral reaction" to airplane passengers in "Muslim garb." "I get worried. I get nervous," he said.

I can't believe this man was fired because he was honest about what he feels when he sees Muslims dressed in Muslim gear.

I am offended when I see a Muslim woman covered up. There is a lady that lives in my neighborhood that attends all the elementary school functions dressed from head to toe this way. It's disturbing to me, it worries me, and I too get nervous when I see this.

NPR was wrong to fire Juan Williams.

Juan Williams Responds To His Firing From NPR


  1. I agree. It especially angers me that so many liberals at NPR have said much more offensive things with no repercussions at all.

  2. I do not think that Williams should have been fired. Maybe someone from NPR could have had a talk with him about his insensitive remarks about Muslims...

    Also, Juan talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Do a little research on some of his other remarks about racism, especially when it comes to black folks.

    And as far as you being offended and disturbed by someone "dressed differently" than you, well, it is a big world, Angela. All kinds of people live in it. You know, I am constantly amazed by your lack of tolerance and your constant ignorance that "your religion" is the "right religion".

    How beautiful this world would be with no religion at all....


  3. GOD Thinker -- Yes!! That's the worst part. There are people working for NPR that have said some pretty despicable things over the years and of course they get a pass. I don't believe Juan Williams was out of line at all. Everything happens for a reason I guess. At least now he's got a better position for himself from this entire mess. I hope he sues NPR.

  4. I'm a new fan of Juan Williams. Muslims irritate the piss out of me too. That's it: If I see Muslim shoes sitting in hotel hallways, I'm putting bacon in their shoes. Freedom of religion for Muslims? YES. It gives me more reason to prank on them. Next time I see a scarf, I'm pulling it off.


  5. I think Juan Williams is going to do a Great Job over on Fox News!! Everything happen for a reason. #ivoted


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