October 1, 2010

Jesse Jackson Parenting Quotes?

I came across a bible verse today that made me think of this discussion.

Proverbs 24:13 My child, eat honey, for it is good, and the honeycomb is sweet to the taste.

I wonder what God is trying to tell me.

We haven't talked to anyone at the school yet. Don is in Utah at the moment and he wanted to handle this one. So I will keep you guys posted and let you know what happens if there is really anything to report back on.

I want to thank all of my facebook friends for chiming in with all of your points of view. One thing that remains in my mind is that it's just a birthday celebration. It's not a regular meal. It's not an everyday snack.

When I look back on my elementary school days it's the celebrations that I can remember the most. Why? Because that's what was fun as a kid. The holidays, the celebrations, etc. School has become so complicated that they are now sending home worksheets requesting that we fill in the days that our kids have exercised. They are kids. They play outside. There job is to play, run, and have fun. They have turned this into a huge chore.

I don't know. I got a newsletter from the PTA the other day. It came home the same time that the Birthday Treat sheet came home. On it was a parenting quote from Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson? Seriously? He is the epitome and ultimate example of parenting? Why on earth is the PTA sending home Jesse Jackson parenting quotes? Why are they even sending home parenting advice at all?

I don't know. Our society today has dipped just a little bit too far into my home and I don't like it. Anyway, that's where I'm at. Thanks for your input and for not being shy to speak up. If we forget how to do that even on the "little" things boy are we in trouble. Think of how much turmoil could have been prevented in the world if we would have paid better attention to the little things.

I don't know what the answer is because on the flip side we have our priorities all messed up. Look at what the Senate accomplished yesterday. They managed to sign a bill that turns down the volume of television commercials. Go Figure!?


  1. Just thought you might be interested to know that in TX, there is a LAW about sending birthday cupcakes. Yes, really. If schools allow it they will lose their matching free lunch dollars.

    But they'll serve up Yoplait and Teddy Grahams for free breakfast everyday, oh yes they will.

  2. See what happens when government gets involved in every little aspect of our lives?


Thanks for the comment