September 8, 2010

We Were Paralyzed and Numb

I was in my office at Finney HS. A guidance counselor, madly trying to straighten out student schedules the first week of school. We got a call from a coworker's husband. It was before internet access for us so we commandeered a transistor radio.

We were paralyzed.. numb.. from it all.

One of our students' dads commuted to and from NY City for work. Too far to go every day from Rochester so he had an apartment within walking distance of the towers. His lungs were damaged from all the soot and ash in the air. His emotions wrecked from the horror. Because of their story, it was more real than ever to us what had happened. Praise God that he wasn't in the towers!

Sinea P. of Ducks n' a Row

Never Forget. Where were You on 9.11.2001 and what were you doing? What were you thinking? How has 9.11.2001 impacted your life?

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