September 20, 2010

Obama's Church Disappeared

Obama threw his church under the bus and it vanished into thin air. I can’t find it any more. Well, maybe that’s what Obama wants us to think but I’m not buying it.

The only reason he and his family have left the church is because the relationship has helped the American people to connect the dots as to the company Obama keeps.

If Obama continued to attend church OR to admit that is his church home then all of a sudden he gets to be held accountable for the company that he keeps. Come on, we’re not THAT stupid.

You mean to tell me that after 20 years and a couple of baptisms later he now knows what horrible things the pastors of that church have been teaching?

If it really didn’t matter in the first place then why would he throw the church under the bus? If it was a non-issue then he would have never had to leave the church in the first place. The thing is, it really does matter what has been spewed from the pulpit. So much so that he knows if he doesn’t leave OR do something drastic to denounce what’s been preached he could lose the Democratic nomination OR worse, nobody will vote for him when he wins the party nomination.

I hope Hillary Clinton pulls it off and no I do NOT see her working side-by-side with Obama.

June 2008

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