September 20, 2010

Hatred from the Pulpit is Wrong

I have a problem with all the hatred going on in this election; I would like to ask you all a question. What is the difference in a minister spewing hatred of the whites from the pulpit, or the KKK in front of a burning cross? It is all evil and those teaching such hatred should not be applauded especially in our churches where our children are being brainwashed. Slavery was well over 100 years ago; lets make our world a better place. Some of my grandparents came from Ireland, and other were Cherokee they also suffered hardships but I never heard them talking with such hatred. How can our country ever heal if we do not learn to forgive our past?

Hat Tip! Not Before Coffee

I agree with Gayla on this one. I’m shocked that people going to church to worship God would subscribe to any preacher teaching to hate OR mock in the way that some churches do.

As somebody who’s blog was watched by a white supremacist group here in Omaha it was just a tad bit frustrating to think that they expected me to hate right along-side with them just because I was white.

I don’t know why people do not forgive more these days. Even if you can’t have a personal relationship with the people that hate you OR your ideas, you can still pray for them and forgive them.

The other thing is maybe large quantities of groups can’t forgive the past because they were brought up OR brain washed to hate. That is certainly something else we can pray about and I guess no matter how hard it is to do sometimes.. we can set the example.

I know there are times when I feel as though I have done all I can do short of washing the feet of my enemies. Most people know that what they are doing is wrong and they may not ever come out of that type of sickness. All we can do is continue acknowledge that hate, recognize it and admit to it instead of sweeping it under the rug, and pray over it.

I know if it had been my pastor that had spoke like the ones at Obama’s church for so many years.. I would have never let it get to 20-something years of knowing these people hate the way that they do. I would get up and take my family out of there and find a church that is truly bible-based.

June 2008

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