April 3, 2014

I'm tired of the negative stigma associated with mental illness

I’m tired of the negative stigma associated with mental illness. The stigma is so bad that people are afraid to take the much needed medications that can help make all the difference. People are afraid to admit there’s a problem or they are uncomfortable seeking treatment/therapy because of what it will do their reputation. It’s frustrating to me that a person can have a heart condition, thyroid problem, or diabetes but when it comes to the brain getting sick we as a society look the other way. In the civilian world the stigma associated with mental illness is pretty big. In the military it’s even bigger. You don’t want to get me started on the negative stigma associated with mental illness in the church. That’s a whole other ball of wax I don’t have time for! Mental health care is at the bottom of the barrel in this country and it ought not be this way.

February 28, 2014

Religious Freedom In America

You say you want tolerance and despise hate, but if I don't agree with everything you say, you call it intolerance and hate. Explain to me again just how that works.

A photographer doesn’t have to photograph a same-sex ceremony if the ceremony violates the photographer’s religious beliefs. If same-sex couples want to hire a wedding photographer then they need to work on finding one that will agree to take on the job.

The government can’t force a photographer to accept jobs they don’t want to do. Photographers don’t have to take pictures of your same-sex ceremony if they choose not to. Photographers can turn you away at any time for any reason. If you don’t like that then find a different photographer.

Can you imagine being fined $7,000 because you don’t want to take pictures of a same-sex ceremony? Where is the tolerance for the photographer who has the right to run his business as he sees fit?

Is it now the Government’s job to dictate to every single photographer in the nation the type of ceremonies they will or won’t do? Do all photographers take wedding photographs? If they don’t, can the Government compel them to?

What about bakeries? Is the Government going to tell bakeries all over the country that they must bake cakes for same-sex ceremonies even if it goes against their religious beliefs? What about bakeries that don’t bake wedding cakes?

How far will Government go towards running our lives? Can you imagine having to pay a fine because you stood firm on your religious convictions?

Why are gay people seeking out Christian business owners? Out of all the bakeries listed in the yellow pages they couldn’t think to place a few phone calls to find a business that would be able to work with them?

February 17, 2014

The Meaning of Presidents Day

I saw this on a friend’s facebook wall this morning and boy did reading this crack me up. I love pictures that make me laugh. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

January 31, 2014

Bigoted MSNBC Tweet #Cheerios

Yesterday MSNBC tweeted, “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/biracial family.” I’m pretty sure MSNBC insulted every foster care/adoptive family all across America. And you guys wonder why I can’t stand the left.

January 27, 2014

Marijuana Hurts the Brain Circuitry

“Adolescence is a sensitive time for brain development,” says Matthew J. Smith, a research assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. “If a teen introduces the abuse of marijuana at that point in their life, it could have consequences for their ability to problem solve, for their memory and for critical thinking in general.”

Unfortunately, this crucial message is getting lost in the pro-legalization fervor. Use of pot among adolescents, which had declined from the late 1990s through the mid-to-late 2000s, is again on the rise, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. One likely reason: “The percentage of high-schoolers who see great risk from being regular marijuana users has dropped,” over time the agency points out.

That perception, however, is all wrong. In a study published last month, Smith and his colleagues found that teens who smoked a lot of pot had abnormal changes in their brain structures related to working memory—a predictor of weak academic performance and impaired everyday functioning—and that they did poorly on memory-related tasks.

While the study focused on heavy marijuana users—specifically, those who indulged daily for about three years—one of its most crucial findings related not to the amount of pot an adolescent smoked, but when he or she started: The earlier the drug was taken up, the worse the effects on the brain.

“Marijuana is the ideal compound to screw up everything for a kid,” says Hans Breiter, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and a senior author of the study. “If you’re an athlete, a chess player, a debater or an artist, you need working memory, and marijuana hurts the brain circuitry.”

Breiter, who himself has four children 11 to 21, adds: “The more I study marijuana, the more I wonder if we should have legislation banning the use of it for everyone under 30.”

Read more: Pot Legalization: Why It's Still a Big Deal If Your Teen Smokes Pot

Holy Matrimony is Out the Window

Did you watch the Grammys last night? We watched part of the Grammys. We saw Paul McCartney sing a song, some acceptance speeches, a country music performance, Metallica, and the memoriam segment.

We could care less what music celebrities were wearing and completely missed some of the other performances that were trending in our news feeds. We are happy we missed the almost-nude outfits and the scantily clad numbers.

We don’t particularly appreciate gay-marriage being shoved down our throats on a music award show but do realize this is pretty typical as well as hypocritical of Hollywood. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised or shocked by any of this behavior because that’s kind of how most celebrities operate.

I’m surprised they weren’t all on stage rolling a joint!!

Sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with music!!

Thank goodness we sent our kids to bed!!