March 24, 2017

Repeal and Replace Obamacare? NO!!

Obamacare was a BIG mistake and should have never been rammed through against the will of The American People in the first place.

Instead of insuring the uninsured, they crippled the insured. They want us ALL brought low. Our Government should NOT be running health care.

Yes, I voted for President Trump but I don’t care who is on board with a replacement. So no, I don’t want to repeal AND replace.

I’m surprised the Tea Party Express is for the REPLACE part of Repeal and Replace. The Tea Party used to be about fighting BIG Government overreach.

I don’t want to replace Obamacare. I want to fully repeal it. Government should not be running health care. Government can’t even run a computer or e-mail.

Government is having a hard time enforcing the laws of the land, and they are supposed to run our health care, too? No way!

I’ve seen the damage Government running health care can do. I was an Army BRAT growing up; I think I know what I’m talking about.

Anything more than a full repeal is completely unacceptable. Why do I feel this way, because for so many years the Government has let us down.

Trying to ram another replacement through against the will of The American People is just wrong. I don’t need to read it to know what’s in it because I don’t want it!

Look at what Obamacare did to people who were fully insured and had health care coverage. At the end of the day if the Government is involved it’s more about CONTROL in the name of something: Health Care.

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March 18, 2017

I wish Hillary Clinton would go away

Our country has been divided and we are sick of it! She made her entire campaign personal. You know what is personal? BENGHAZI. Ignoring Benghazi was a big mistake on her part. How "deplorable" of her!

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March 17, 2017

$20 Trillion in Debt is Unacceptable

Heaven forbid we return much of the power and control back to the states we live in. Non Profits have no business politicizing their mission statements. $20 trillion in debt for The United States of America is unacceptable. What do people do when they are trying to get ahead? They cut their cable bill. They trim the fat! It’s that simple. We support our local Open Door Mission where they feed the hungry, house the poor, and teach people a trade or a skill. We write checks to this group consistently. I don’t expect the GOVT to force others to pay for them.

March 16, 2017

Current U.S. Travel Restrictions are NOT a Muslim Ban

Rachel Maddow is in a lot of hot water lately over her obsession with President Trump’s tax returns. She recently revealed to the entire world that President Trump pays his fair share of taxes and significantly higher than most known liberals!

This morning Rachel Maddow tweeted, “Federal court rules in Hawaii case: Trump Muslim Ban 2.0 blocked nationwide” What is wrong with Rachel Maddow!? These temporary travel restrictions are not a “Muslim” ban.

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Rachel Maddow. It’s the same thing that’s wrong with liberals all over the country that have lost their collective little minds! They are hell-bent on creating a scenario to try and convince the whole world why they are right and conservatives are wrong, to the point of being physically and mentally abusive.

They sit on TV and keep repeating over and over again their crazy conspiracy theories with the hopes that somehow they can make it real. These people are pathological liars.

The fringe crazy making leftist loons are not interested in rolling up their sleeves to go to work for the American people. They are so far gone with their commentary. Since when is commentary journalism? What has happened to journalistic integrity?

The current U.S. Travel Restrictions are NOT a Muslim ban. The left wants to try and brainwash you to make you think this Administration is banning Muslims. This is FALSE.

Rachel Maddow is not a credible journalist. MSNBC is not a credible newsworthy agency. The only reason these people are being entertained is because the left has lost their minds. Their need to be right outweighs truth no matter the cost. They have no common sense whatsoever!

January 28, 2017

The Problem is with Radical Islamic Terrorists

I’ve been waiting for someone to secure our borders for a very long time, long before President Obama. Having an open border is a mistake, just watch Europe. If I have to go through fairly rigorous vetting to become a foster parent, people coming from hostile countries, or any country for that matter, should be properly vetted as well. There is nothing wrong with suspending entry into our country temporarily until we can figure out how to vet these people. When a stranger, someone you don’t know, knocks on your front door, do you let him in? No, that wouldn’t be wise. The problem isn’t with refugees; the problem is with Radical Islamic Terrorists.

December 4, 2016

The SNL Donald Trump Twitter Skit Hypocrisy

Yes, I watch SNL. I watched SNL last night. I laughed so hard during the Christmas candle skit I cried. I thought the SNL Twitter skit was pretty funny, too. Let’s see, President Barack Obama is allowed to tweet but President Elect Donald Trump is not allowed to tweet. Today I am remembering when President Barack Obama conducted an interview with a woman who eats Fruit Loops from a bathtub. #Hypocrisy

December 3, 2016

Have you been called a racist or a bigot?

If you’ve been called racist or a bigot because you voted for Donald Trump, get used to it because it’s not going to stop. The left truly believes that Donald Trump was elected because we live in a racist bigoted society. No really, they truly believe it. They can’t function or move forward unless they victimize themselves. It’s how they roll. They don’t want to admit their candidate was horrible or that the democratic party is completely corrupt. They lost touch with decent hardworking everyday Americans. You can't run your platform on division and hatred, and then expect to win.